About Alcohol Addiction
Fact About Substance
  • What are the commonly abused drugs?
    Alcohol, Marijuana, amphetamine-type stimulants (basic over the counter drugs), Other widespread illicit drugs include cocaine, and heroin. Hallucinogen or party drugs are commonly abused too.
  • What are some recurring side effects to drug abuse?
    Apart from a physical dependency, some variation of anxiety or depression seems to plague the life of nearly every addict. Many times a psychological disorder will arise from drug addiction as well.
  • What are some serious health issues related to drug abuse?
    Along with serious physiological damage, often drug abuse results in a psychological disorder. These disorders demonstrate the controlling effect drugs can have on your brain – damaging neurological function.
  • Is drug abuse influencing women in India?
    Yes – many would like to ignore it, some are shedding light on it; but the association between women and substance abuse disorder is becoming an inconvenient reality in India. The burden of drug abuse carried by many women (whether it be because of family circumstances or actual addiction) demonstrates the cultural shift taking place in India. As women change roles addicts are isolated and discovered or introduced and established.
  • Why should addicts consider rehabilitation?
    Rehabilitation centres are organizations committed to seeing addicts reach a state of total abstinence based on the 12 step program.
  • What is 12 step treatment?
    It is a program originally designed for alcoholics and has grown into an idea utilized by numerous rehabilitation clinics. The idea behind the program, is to first and foremost admit that we are “powerless over alcohol and drugs” i.e. that there is no control over the use of a substance and the associated obsession with it. Then, with this premise in mind, the program takes you through a variety of steps often leading people to satisfied lives apart from alcoholic abuse.
  • The !2 steps
    Why is the 12 steps by and large the most successful method? Adopted from the the Alcoholics Anonymous, it has been proven the 12 steps, work in helping addicts overcoming their denial and develop a practice of seeking objective feedbacks.


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