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21 days Detox Program for Detoxification

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Many studies have been done to investigate the outcome of the 21 day long drug detoxification with the help of rehabilitation programs in terms of notifying the total length of the stay, HIV risk behaviours etc. The process of detoxification programs truly have the potential to reduce the relapse to the drug usages if it followed by typical drug free treatment.

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What exactly a 21 days long detox programs looks like?

The 21-days long detox program is developed solemnly by the experts to have healthy, balanced and drug free life independently by taking help of any mobile application or through the set of instructions provided by the experts. One can also join any closed group more detailed version of the 21 days detox program. Unlike various other detoxification programs, the drug detox program can be extended over the longer period so that your body undergoes the gentle, effective & deep cleaning process.

The main goals of the detox program are: prevention of any inflammation, cleanness of your body and providing your brain a comfort that it needs.

Some major advantages of detox process can a rapid increase in your stamina, energy to work, memory gain and most important the nutritional change & can deliver your body an ability to work efficiently in a healthy manner.

The health change can be anything like improvement in energy levels, metabolic rate, regulation of bowel movements, vitality of skin, overcoming of migraines and many other possible benefits.

If you wish to have the same in case of drug addiction then to bring some positive changes in your life it is better recommended for you have organized 21 days detox program.

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Things to know about drug Detox & Rehab Programs

Every individual has their own unique needs & requirements when we talk about treating alcohol usage disorders or AUD. It is a situation that must be diagnosed if the pattern of your drug consumption is creating so much issues (whether it is mentally or physically) and being problematic to your life in terms of significant distress. The distress can be ranged from mild to severe and depends truly upon the symptoms you have.

When you suddenly stops consuming certain drugs and are suffering from issues pertaining to it then there is a possibility that you may become dependent on that drug & developed certain withdrawal symptoms while stops drinking it.

This effect of withdrawal can be uncomfortable to your body & mind both and could be a dangerous situation for you to consider. This is the time when detox came in its role:

What you get with detoxification of drugs?

Detoxification is not a treatment itself but instead a crucial step for you to follow while getting into the treatment of being better in your life and without destroying your life by the consumption of drugs.

When someone who is totally dependent on certain drugs suddenly stop consuming it then usually within the 10-24 hours after the last intake, they may develop various withdrawal symptoms associated with it. This thing may start when they still have little drug in their body.

However, these withdrawal symptoms can be mild and are general in various cases, but in some cases this thing may create serious issues not for the individual but for the individuals around them also:

  • Anxiety
  • Delirium tremens (DTs):- It is a kind of life-threatening problem that can make you feel restless, confused and upset, gives you fever, hallucination & seizures.
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations (when an individual hear or see things that are not there in reality)
  • Sleeping issues
  • Shakiness in your hands
  • Unstable changes in the blood sugar level, blood pressure, heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting

Why do you need 21 days drug Detox Program?

In case you are taking drug consumption on huge amount then your body may feel habitual to it and you suddenly starts feel like you can’t live without consuming it even a single day. Sometimes people treat it as normal as they need drug to feel safe and feel energetic and this is the case where you should take help of any professional detox program.

It is not at all a matter of your willpower but also stopping it without medical help is not at all recommended. The sudden withdrawal can out your life in danger and even if it is not so much serious, still a bigger challenge than you think.

A better 21 days detox program can deliver you best support in order to guide you throughout the process of withdrawal and this often includes professional help in terms of medications, ease your mental health condition as well as treating your symptoms in a suitable manner. The symptoms can last for 1-2 week but hitting their worst at the time of initial 24-72 hours.