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The ROAR approach to addiction treatment and rehabilitation

At ROAR we understand the importance of the right environment. Our expert team is there to offer services with a proven record for productive results. Our hand picked panel of experts comprises of specialists who create personalised de-addiction programme after studying your personality and problems. This is the reason ROAR is the preferred de-addiction center.
With the 12 steps as our corner stone, our de-addiction specialists under the guidance of world renowned consultants provide solutions towardssubstance use disorder, including alcohol, stimulant and alcohol abuse. We also help in resolving behaviour related addictions of sexual, gambling, diet related, shopping and internet. With a close monitoring system in place we identify and help resolve destructive nature and improve the social impact that you will have on those around you.

Overcome your addiction – one important step at a time

Your tailor made treatment schedule is created to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. It comprises of several levels of treatment including medication and therapy. This ensures that you can glide through various levels effortlessly.

Treatment for women:

When compared to substance use disorder in males, the effect on women is rather different.
Some mentionable differences with women:

Unfortunately, seeking treatment for substance use disorder is more difficult for women as a result of social, culture and family pressures. It is usually observed that women give more importance to care and nurture activities before their own requirements. This delays in consulting for their addictions. The feeling of shame and guilt also prevents women with addictions to seek professional help, even at advanced stages.

Supporting families of alcoholics and addicts

Identifying better techniques of coping with addiction and relationships
These programs are created to enhance the well-being of others who live with or care about a person with problems like addiction. Through proper knowledge and counselling programme participants learn that they can’t control their loved one’s addiction, but they need to prioritize their own health and well being. The repercussions of living with someone suffering with alcohol or drug addiction can result in physical, emotional, social, and spiritual complications. With increased awareness of the beliefs and experiences that make their own behaviors, participants identify new, healthy ways of living better with addiction and relationships.

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