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Quit your alcohol consumption habit easily and comfortably with ROAR !


In recent times, people are getting severely addicted to alcohol, especially heavier drinking issue is an important risk factor for many health problems. With the increase in intake of alcohol, diseases are increasing rapidly and giving rise to various health conditions including cardiovascular disease, liver and pancreas disease, infectious diseases, etc. However, to control these health risks, pain, and suffering, we need to develop effective prevention efforts. And the first step to moving forward is to quit alcohol, but it’s not easy for everyone to relinquish the consumption of such a death taking a drink as the habitual drinker requires proper care, love, affection, and proper treatment methods. Although it’s hard to provide such treatment procedures at home and to rely upon rehab centers is a very good option. Another thought that hits the mind is which rehab center we should choose for us or our dear ones? So, Roarwellness is the best option as you can find it is one of the top alcohol rehab centers near me on the list.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment-Centre Delhi India

Here is the list of services that will tell you why Roar Wellness is the best alcohol rehabilitation center in Delhi:-

  1. We provide safe and effective treatments to all the patients in our alcohol rehabilitation center while retaining confidentiality.
  2. We offer the most excellent alcohol addiction treatment in Delhi along with various other treatments like drug addiction treatment, substance abuse counseling, and 12 step treatment.
  3. Yoga, meditation, drink, and drug refusing skills are also a part of our treatment program.
  4. Roarwellness provides a safe, secure, and supportive environment for addiction treatment with 24-hour care and support. Our team of expert psychiatrists/psychologists, therapists, and attendants will be available to serve you every time.
  5.  We mainly focus on discipline, protection, and procedures to guarantee the best results every time.
  6. Our rooms are equipped with fans, air conditions, queen size bed with spring mattress, study desk, and chair, refrigerator, daily laundry service, attached showers, daily room cleaning service, tea or coffee machine, led tv. Besides, fresh fruits are served daily by us.
  7. We are equipped with an in-house kitchen and trained chefs to provide a balanced diet including nutritious and multi-cuisine meals to patients. We offer spacious rooms with single, double, and triple occupancy rooms along with all the basic amenities that are required. Our living quarters are planned to give a relaxing environment.
  8. Our alcohol rehab center in Delhi is also inbuilt with other facilities such as well-decorated common areas, therapy chambers, dining rooms, a swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center, a maintained tropical garden with a big lawn for activities. 

Being one of the best alcohol rehab center in Delhi, we treat our patients with the utmost care and healing hands. Our programs are designed according to the need and after the proper analysis of the health condition of an individual patient. Our main focus is to stabilize the patient physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. We treat every patient equally irrespective of their culture, religion, state, sex, and even country. The recovery rate of our patients is very high and our results are unbeatable.

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