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Are you Over Alcoholic or an Intense Drug user? 

Are you over alcoholic or an intense drug user

No! of course then why we are witnessing a rise in patients in rehabilitation centers. Overall in India, we have 980 alone in Delhi and we have 175 workings registered Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi where 35% of them have good facilities and rolled out the greatest number of cured citizens, bringing happiness to thousands of families

Let’s have a closer look at the issue and walk through the real story of Rajeev, he was 23 years old young adult from Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Police found him dead in the morning in a rural area near Amritsar. Reportedly, he overdosed on meth and later on cocaine and was found lying on the street. It was later known from the family that he was trying to get rid of the drugs for 2 months. Surendra from NCR was not as unlucky as Rajeev, being a hardcore drug addict and a meth user for the last 4 years finally, his family convinced him to join a drug and alcohol rehab center in Sainik farm near New Delhi. Now his family is as happy as they were before. In this article you will find solutions to get rid of this poison.

Below are the Few But Important Facilities that Should be Available in a Drug or alcohol Rehab.

  • Rooms– the rooms should be well furnished as in there should be a proper bed to sleep on and should desk or cupboard. The rooms should all have an air conditioner.
  • Water– rehab should have clean water as there will lot of drug and alcohol withdrawal need for water will be increased.
  • Food– food should be hygienic and clean. Cooking of it should be proper to fulfill nutrition needs.
  • Extra actives– joiners need to be constantly distracted by playing indoor games.
  • Medical– there should be 24-hour medical staff and a doctor on call should be available anytime a person gets sick due to his/her treatment
  • Staff– along with the helper there should be a Panel of Medical & Psychiatric staff, Experienced counselors, Therapists & Yoga Guru

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Delhi itself has 175 rehabilitation centers, the quality of these center varies like a small private gala in a far city place and as we also have a Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi as big as an educational institute, where actually they are taught about life and way of living like – Roar Wellness Center,. These mostly have low cost or sometimes are free for the enroller. The important part of the rehabilitation centers is the staff, they should be kind and the counselor should be supportive, while helping repair the individual. They are taught to fight the alcohol/drug withdrawal as people get disoriented and experience a lot of pain during their stay in rehab. Due to this, more people are enrolling to get a better life through modern and younger rehab.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Now in a year, more than 90,000+ people join rehab all over India and in Delhi we see 14000 people which is the highest all over India and this number is only for Alcohol users. Anatta rehabilitation center is one of the best rehab in Delhi, it is recognized worldwide also as they have offered relief to 4000+ people from alcohol. Naya Savera drug De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre which is providing treatment to over 2000+ people. They have released multiple patients and repaired hundreds of families from sexual abuse and domestic violence  

The 26th of June is now celebrated as International Day against drug and alcohol abuse. Let’s take an oath to fight back against this darkness and spread the positive words for rehab so that more people can join and make multiple families happy.